The True History of Religion

How Religion Destroys the Human Race
and What the Real Illuminati
Has Attempted to do Through Religion to Save the Human Race

Author: The Real Illuminati

Available in 2 sizes:
6"x9" Large Print Hard Cover- $21.99
5"x8" Softcover- $13.99


Have you ever wondered about the Illuminati? Who are they? What are they doing? Why the mysteries and secrets surrounding them?

The True History of Religion sheds astonishing new light on the real history of human thought on this little planet.

This wonderful book is for anyone who desires to know about human beings. This ground-breaking book can also help us find our courage to ask new questions such as:

Do our most cherished religious beliefs form the painful shackles of worldwide economic slavery?

Does religion help us solve world poverty, or stop us from solving world poverty?

Do we really have to sit back and wait for many more decades for God to finally come down and solve world poverty for us?

Or is it perfectly okay and proper for intelligent human beings to start working together harmoniously to help each other solve world poverty TODAY?

The Real Illuminati™ (not to be confused by the false illuminati, which have been and are steeped in corruption, secrecy, and ignorance) unveil secrets, uncover corruption, and give knowledge to the reader that will allow the human race to take back the power that corrupt religion and governments have taken from us.

The purpose of the Real Illuminati™ is to oppose superstition, religious influence over society, the abuses of government power, and obscurantism (the practice of deliberately making things more confusing or complicated, so that people do not discover the truth). The True History of Religion outlines historical examples of their valiant efforts to steer humanity towards free will, compassion, kindness, and tolerance through religious thought and scripture, and how those efforts have failed.

Despite all of their efforts and the fact that science and technology continue to improve life for some people on earth, this world as a whole is rapidly spiraling toward its own destruction. Poverty, inequality, war and environmental extortion are rampant. The Real Illuminati™ can help humanity reverse its self-destructive course. They can help people establish an economic policy that would afford everyone the opportunity to exercise free will (through The Humanity Party®).

Here is a last-ditch effort to save the human race. Read and see how the Real Illuminati™ reveals the REAL TRUTH.

The True History of Religion