A New American Scripture

How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon

Author: The Real Illuminati

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We designed our new American scripture to be consistent with but counter the Christian King James Bible that was widely used throughout early America. The Bible was controlling humanity and offered little hope or purpose for the cultures that were not named in the Bible as God's chosen people. Our new American scripture was premised on countering the Bible's racial and ethnic prejudice by presenting a viable storyline and plot that proved that the native Americans were also members of the "house of Israel," those who the Bible presents as God's chosen people. Furthermore, in our new American scripture storyline, we make the attempt to present all cultures, all peoples, all nations, all kindreds, the entire human race upon Earth as being part of God's chosen people. The early American Christians to whom we presented our new scripture, rejected the idea that other cultures, especially darker-skinned races, were equal with them in God's eyes. They have rejected the message we intended for our Book of Mormon even to modern times. The Mormon religions that pretend a belief in our new scripture have not incorporated one part of the doctrines, teachings, or examples we presented in our new scripture. Modern, and earlier, Mormons believe in continued revelation, which is that Mormon leaders receive instruction from God, even if these instructions override and contradict their own scripture. Knowing of this potential, we included the "sealed part" of our storyline in the Book of Mormon to allow us later opportunity to counter the way that our new American scripture is transfigured by the Mormon religion. (We finally published our The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon in 2004.)

A New American Scripture - How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of